Godwin Developments and the wider design team developing the proposals would like to invite you to join us at a community consultation drop-in session on [INSERT]. Click to view more information


Godwin are proud to be proposing a development which offers extensive benefits to the local community on a site which is currently empty. The new scheme will offer a range of benefits alongside a new visual gateway for Bristol.

Benefits of proposals

The plans will regenerate a local site which has been empty for many years
Due to proximity to the motorway, it is not suitable for family accommodation but can house students very successfully
A high-quality development which will contribute visually to the entry point into the city.
A car-free scheme, which will support active travel into the city and to the Universities
The proposals will retain the space on the ground floor, which was part of the approved application, and can provide additional office space for local businesses.
The scheme will be highly sustainable, incorporating a range of features to reduce its impact on the climate.
It will support local businesses through the additional spend of students in the area and in Bristol.
Long term, it will attract and retain graduates into the Bristol economy, supporting the focus on high tech, IT and entertainment industries in the city.
It has the potential to contribute to the local community, supporting initiatives that benefit the area and its residents.
The scheme will contribute £67 million of economic benefit through its construction and operation stages.