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Our Plans

The Proposals at a glance

7 storeys
101 student beds
Ground floor unit (suitable for offices)
Same height as previously approved scheme
Sustainably designed building
Car free scheme
High quality, gateway development
Bike Storage

Indicative image of the proposed development and the forthcoming scheme in the neighbourhood on Dove Lane

Proposals of the same height and massing

The plans you are viewing are new for this site, but they rely on the principles, already approved by Bristol City Council for a similar scheme to deliver a hotel in 2016.

This previously approved scheme has been used as a template for the new proposals. The images below show a comparison of the existing planning consent for a building on this site, indicated by the red dotted line, and the shape of the building being proposed.

The proposed scheme follows similar design principles, and it maintains the scale of the consented hotel. It keeps the same height at 7 storeys, and it retains an active commercial use on the ground floor.

The tool below shows two images of the previously approved hotel compared to this new proposed scheme. Drag the sliders across the images to see how the two similar proposals compare.

Why student housing here

Bristol is a city with a well-known housing crisis. While progress is being made to build more homes, there is also an opportunity to protect current family homes from conversion into HMOs through the creation of student accommodation in appropriate locations. Housing students together also has the advantage of providing them with many of the facilities they need as well as having on-site staff to manage their behaviour and ensure they have a positive impact on the local community.

The proposals make the best use of this constrained site, whilst also enhancing the gateway into the city and fitting well with approved developments which are due to be built.

In keeping with the evolving face of St Paul’s

St. Paul’s is evolving into one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of Bristol. With new projects nearby on Dove Lane and the regeneration of Frome Gateway led by Bristol City Council opposite, these proposals have been carefully considered not only to compliment the site as it is today, but to fit seamlessly into the area which is emerging around it and supplement the other plans which have already been consented around the site.

Our site in the context of the neighbouring approved Dove Lane development, CGI Image by Glenn Howells Architects and Places for People